Taking Mum to Lunch at The Curve

My Dad was pestering me for quite a while for some Western Food for lunch. He wanted some Roast Chicken. Since everybody was free last Sunday afternoon, I took both my parents out. Puan Anita wanted to buy some shirts for the boys as well at The Curve. We arrived rather later than usual and was caught with the heavy traffic on the way in. With the school holidays and end of year sales, the crowd was bigger than the usual Sunday.

Entering the main foyer at The CurveDon't touch!

After having our lunch at Marche, we decided to have a quick stroll around the place while Anita went about to do her shopping for the boys. The Xmas decorations were in full show, complete with carol singers, Santa and his helpers. Unfortunately Anita's flu was taking her down and after only half an hour, we decided to return home. She has been having fever for the last few days, and it was about time she saw a doctor. It all started earlier in the week when she took my maid to see a local GP after she complained of painful eyes. She had some infection there and was given some drops. While waiting to see the doctor, there were a few patients with heavy cold at the cramped room. She started having sore throat the same evening.

I was trying to figure out why this cute Santa helper was wearing a table round her waste?The main foyer was transformed with the decorations

We went to a clinic in Bukit Antarabangsa where my parents lived. she was given antibiotics and since then had been feeling much better. We spent the rest of the afternoon at my parents, just sitting around while Anita had some chicken soup.

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