Fit For 2 Revisited

After finishing the basic syllabus at Pingu's English, we sent Irfan for weekend reading sessions for an hour every Saturday lunchtime. It was his idea. He loved the place so much. The reading sessions were practically a drop-in session. We usually use the time to do a bit of groceries or window shopping. Last Saturday, we took the time to have a walk at Bangsar Village. The place was certainly festive. Puan Anita had sore throat, so she did not feel like having lunch. After a quick bite, Idlan wanted to go for a run at the indoor playground over at Bangsar Village II. They had energy to burn, so I thought why not.

The initial lunch at Nando'sThe bridge linking Bangsar Village and Village IIFrom which you can see both the Smokehouse Restaurant and Pingu's English at TelawiWhile there, I found my colleague, Ida and Alex having lunch at Fit For 2, right opposite the playground, with their kids. I was already full by then. The boys spent a good couple of hours running around. When they were done, Anita decided to have a some tea at Fit For 2.

The cozy interior of Fit For 2The indoor playground where the kids burnt their excess sugar across the corridor from the diner The yummy roti jala and curryWe visited there a few months ago, and the place has not lost its charm. It was cozy and warm. Most importantly, the menu is kid-friendly and wholesome! Anita had some root gala and the curry was gorgeous. The boys had some hot chocolate - with marshmallows of course and mini-pizzas. There was a yoga class going on in a studio next to the diner. In a small corner, there was a small play area for babies - my boys were too grown-up for the toys there - and a comfy sofa. There were magazines to browse and leaflets to read. Definitely for mummies!

After the delightful tea, we left for home. Puan Anita's flu got the better of her and she retired early that night. I did as well but woke up later to watch the football. Yes, United got beat by Villa! We got what we deserved!