Xmas Decorations Exploration - Great Eastern Mall

In keeping with the 1Malaysia spirit, Xmas is the time when Malaysians from all walks of life celebrate few things in common. It's the end of the year, school is off, the paycheck comes early, usually with bonus on tow and you can see sales everywhere! 1Malaysia indeed! So we celebrate it as with our brothers and sisters in this great nation of hours ….. we go shopping!

The foyer from the 3rd floor

In the last few weeks, we took the time to visit many of the shopping malls around Lembah Kelang. Most of the big ones were covered, some have already been blogged. During this weekend alone, we visited three. The keyword there was 'visit'. We hardly bought a thing. What typically caught my eyes were the decorations. The first one I liked to mention is the Great Eastern Mall. We went there for dinner last Friday evening. The was a Jazz Band coming to play at Alexis, so that's where the hip crowd were. In the main foyer, they have stalls and a stage. Apparently, during weekends, there will be visits by Santa and his helpers. Rudiolf included as well.

Idlan, Puan Anita and IrfanThe decor there was children friendly compared to other places. There is a snowman, a few Christmas trees. There was a stall keeper handing over candies to kids when we were walking by. The stalls mainly sold ornaments, cards and toys. Not much to shout about really. Maybe because it was in the evening, there were hardly anything going on. According to the shop keeper, there will be carol singing, life band, balloons and other fun stuff during the weekend. That will be a better time to come visit.

After checking out the stalls, taking pictures and mingling about, we headed upstairs for dinner at Cozy House. It was usually packed but for some reason tonight, it was quiet. For some reason, I fancied a steak. The way it was written on the menu made me order it. Apparently it was supposed to be spicy. After all, the name was 'Bombay Steak'.

The not so well done Bombay Steak - you can even almost taste the blood. O positive I think - don't argue, I'm a HaematologistWe soon found out why they were losing clientele. The food was not like it used to be, and a far cry from its sister restaurant, Cozy Corner at Ampang Park. In fact, the food there had also deteriorated if you read my entry a few months back. Not only that there was hardly any spice, the 'well done' steak I ordered came almost straight from the fridge. Nearly as raw as the sashimi I enjoy. The fried rice was not great either and Irfan only managed a couple of bite. Since the theme seemed to be raw, we might as well head to the basement floor to Express Sushi for some proper raw stuffs.

We did some groceries right after that before heading home. The verdict - better to head there during daytime especially weekends. There will be much more activities there then.

Date of visit - Friday, 11th December 2009

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