Idlan and Irfan met the Power Rangers

It was Saturday once again and Irfan was due for his Pingu class. I had to do my ward round this morning. I had to leave early, finish the round, then headed back to fetch everyone back to Bangsar. Missing my breakfast, I had my brunch at Delicious in Bangsar Village II. Class finished by 1.30. Time to head for Sungai Wang.

Latte at DeliciousIt started raining heavily on the there, and parking was full. We had to move along and parked at Low Yat, right down to Basement 5. Brought the troops up and had to cross over to Bukit Bintang Plaza. For Christmas, Sungai Wang had a promotion going, with the Power Rangers character appearing during the weekends. There was an appearance at 4 pm. Since we arrived early and got our tickets, we waited along at McDonald's for more snack. We were right in front of the queue by 3.45.

Irfan browsing the toys while waiting for the RangersIdlan waiting patientlyThe Power Rangers appeared right on time. There were only 3 of them though, not the usual 5. It was not the original character, but the spin-off called Jungle Fury. Don't worry, my boys knew all about them, what their real names were and what they do. Daddy was disappointed as the good old pink Power Rangers did not make an appearance.

The stage where the Rangers came on to. Unfortunately I got my hands full with the biys when they came on stage and did not manage to snap.The scarf on their neck made the swans looked kinda .... gay!When the time comes to go up the stage for the photo-op, Irfan had a stage fright. Idlan was fine and went ahead to have his pics taken, all smiling. That cost us RM10, then we waited for about 15 minutes for the photo to be developed. We were all tired at the end, but unfortunately, the rain fell again and we had to wait for the drizzle to stop before crossing back to Low Yat.

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