Fraser's Hill - Day 2, Part 2 - Back at Smokehouse after lunch

We were shattered by the time we got back from lunch at Shahzan's Inn. The weather was pretty gloomy by then and it started to drizzle. We headed back to the hotel and after an hour or so, we went out to the garden while waiting for the afternoon tea. While in town earlier, we picked up a set of plastic golf clubs. Before long, Idlan already started swinging.

The garden was well kept with flowers tended on the walls and fringes. They were only accessible by guests. If it was not raining, we could've had our scones out there. With the children occupied, Anita and I took a walk stroll around the compound, walking in mist. How romantic. 

Since it rained earlier, the mist fell down much earlier that evening. Initially we wanted to venture out for dinner, but by 6pm, the visibility was down to about 30 meters with the fog and low cloud. The boys were not in the mood to get into the car anyhow. Again, we had dinner at the resort. That evening, I tried the steak. It was OK, the meat was tender but somewhat undercook. Fresh vegetables and nice gravy took care of that. We had another lovely dinner. As there were hardly any other guest, Henry came over for a chat while serving us.

My boys running around in the garden... and playing with the swing

I was surprised to find out that before he joined the food and beverage line, he was a welder. That was what he did around Keramat 6 years back. He has been with Smokehouse for almost a close to three years now. He used to serve at one of the branch at Jalan Yap Kwan Seng, which has now been closed. He said he remembered my father-in-law who used to entertain his guess there. He also talked about his family back in Myanmar. He used to do office work there and after his parents passed away, he decided to leave for Malaysia.

Settling in by the heaterAfter dinner, we were ushered to the reading room. The boys were with their PSPs. My in-laws watching the ASTRO. Anita and I decided to have some hot chocolate and do some reading. We retired close to 10pm. We had a long drive tomorrow back to KL.

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