Fraser's Hill - Day 3 - Time to go Home

A couple of nights may be too short if you are into hanging in the hotel and enjoying good living. It might be kind of boring if you were an adventurous type. Certainly if my family were not around, I would have gone out to explore the trails around there.

All packed and ready to goLast look at the garden From what I saw, the trails were very well laid out and mapped. They cater for various skill levels and I am sure that you will find one to suit your skill and time.

I woke up early as usual, quickly put aside my stuffs ready for Anita to pack away. But when I was about to go out for a walk, Anita woke up. After settling the boys, we went out for breakfast.

We had a quick stroll around after that before returning to the room to pack and check out. After saying our goodbyes, we left at around 11.30. My mother-in-law wanted to stop at Puncak Inn to order some 'pau' before starting our journey down.

We took the 12 o'clock slot to drive down to The Gap. The journey down was much faster but my maids actually felt the sickness more than the journey up. We finally arrived in KL at around 2.30pm, straight for lunch at Jusco AU2.

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