Housekeeping update

In the last couple of weeks , I have been adding shortcuts into a separate tab in my blog. They can accessed from the top menu. The specific new tabs were three in total. They were called 'Food!', 'Slideshows' and 'Shortcuts'. I realised that lately I have been enjoying food more than I should. Some of the joints I visited was really good while other maybe awful. All the restaurant visits blog entries were aggregated in the "Food!" section.

'Slideshows' are basically pictures I have taken on certain theme compiled into either a narrative or just random slideshow. They were all encoded in flash, hence cannot be accessed through iPhone. Loading time may also be an issue if the connections are choppy. The last but not least 'Shortcuts' as the name suggest basically list reviews or blog entries about travels, and reviews. They should be self-explanatory. So, I hope that you can find the blog entry you want straight from those menus and please do come visit later as more links will be added.


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