Bringing Irfan to Casualty

Even the gloomy Casualty room was lit up by a Xmas tree.I was woken up at around 4.30am with Irfan's coughing. He developed fever yesterday evening and has been looking toxic but was well enough to play. He was also coughing. After some paracetamol and cough medicine, he went to sleep. 

When I was woken up, his cough has turned croupy. His chest was wheezing. Idlan is asthmatic but not Irfan. Our family are riddled with asthmatic anyhow. One of my Uncle passed away last year due to an asthma attack in Jordan.

I then got everyone into the car and sped off to the nearest Casualty which happens to be Gleneagle in Jalan Ampang for us. He continued to be wheezy on the way in. That only stopped after he saw the Doctor and given a nebuliser.

It's difficult to say if he will turn up to become asthmatic but it certainly looked that way. After the nebuliser, he slowly returned to his normal self. The wheeze subsided. The coughing reduced. His temperature also came down after some paracetamol. We left Casualty just before 5.45. We will have to return later at around 10 if the wheeze returns.

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