Aqiqah at friend's place

My niece, Nana enjoying some cendolOccupied with the weekend happenings, I did not have much time to update the blog. One of my auntie came over from Kelantan and stayed with us for a couple of nights. I also attended a wedding in Nilai yesterday, driving my parents and sister over there.

I managed to catch the football match last night. United managed to net four goals despite using just a couple of gears and ending the match with an improbable back four. None of the back five were their regular and this can only be a good thing talking about the depth of the squad. However, the highlight was Chelsea's loss to Man Citeh. I wasn't sure what I enjoyed more, the fact of Chelsea having lost the game or the sight of Fat Frank missing the penalty late on which would have pulled his side level.

Consequently, I woke up late this morning for my ward round. It was however sorted by noon and I headed straight from UMMC to a family friend's place in Keramat. Our family have been close since I was in kindergarten and it was pretty nice to catch up on old times. I may have a spare couple of hours later today to finish my write-up about the Fraser's Hill trip, so watch this space.!

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