I would have preferred PC Fair, but ....

Although the plan was to have a quiet afternoon in after my lunch, it turned out that Puan Anita (for which my wife will be referred to from now on) has other plans. She had earlier took the boys out for lunch at Sri Ayuthaya in Wangsa Maju with the in-laws. After the boys were full, she planned to leave them at home and ask me to drive her to MidValley. There is an exhibition there that she wanted to visit. Typical of her. It was called 'Modern Home and Lifestyle Fair'. I was wishing it was PC Fair instead!

Yes! The crowd was driving me crazy!Puan Anita likes this kind of things, especially when the children were not on tow. She will plan these visits ahead of time, often either here at MidValley or KLCC. This time around, a few items caught her eyes. Wallpapers and floor coverings. I did not pay much attention as I was looking at some beds and automatic gate system on the other side.

Where the big cars getting sorted by the valet when the parking is fullLooking down on the main galleryMidValley on Sunday afternoons were typically packed. We reached there as people were easing home, at around 3 pm. As today was the last day of the exhibition, they were giving away freebies and good offers. There was a Pioneer Blue-Ray player going at RM799. I was excited initially but unfortunately the salesperson put me off. It was something he said that changed my mind. A great way to lose business I thought. Mind you, the PS3 were going at RM1299 and they do come with Blue-Ray player as well. That may be a better deal all around if you are into games. I am happy with my PSP at the moment.

The main foyer at the GardensAs far as exhibitions go, this one was pretty average. Most of the exhibitions around KL always have this problem when it comes to expectations. As the name suggested, I was expecting many home gadgets to be shown, televisions, modern beds, state-of-the-art freezers and washing machines. Unfortunately it was nothing more than just a trip to Harvey Norman, although some of the offers were quite decent.

Another thing I was excited about was the Xmas decorations were in full swing both at the Megamall and the Gardens. There were many stalls and activities. Carol snugging, Santa and his grotto to mention a few. The decor here was definitely better than the one put up currently at KLCC and on par with Pavilion. I was also looking forward to see the decor at the Curve, IKANO and Sunway. These were the places to visit if you want to go festive.