ManYoo 1 - Liverpool 4, and my pre-game rituals proven right ... ish

Oh dear! Vidic really got spooked tonight. Turned into an ordinary defender by Torres who had an excellent week, a stormer in the midweek game against Madrid the other night. I am optimistic still about winning the League. It is the consistency that counts over a period of many month. It is not about just having a good week, and getting beat later by the likes of Middlesborough.

Not only that I am a football fanatic, I am also born superstitious. I always put on my right shoe before the left. Enters a room with my right foot. Always stepping into a vehicle with my right peg, hence Malaysia being a right-hand drive country prove tricky when I enter into the driver's seat. Recently Manchester United has had a good run. Winning all and sundry, not always in style, but winning none the less. I would like to think I have put in my contribution in the winning streak. Every weekend game since Xmas, I always go out to a Mamak joint near my place and buy myself Mee Ladna, tandoori chicken and naan bread. I then don my 2001 long-sleeved home kit, with the number 4 and name 'Veron' printed on the back. ManYoo won every game, van der Sar went on to break the British record etc etc.

I was going through the ritual again today. But shock horror! My red replica shirt is in the washer! Therefore, I wore my 2003 shirt with 7 Ronaldo instead! At least that would be worth half the luck. Oh no! It's definitely not working. Or as Randy Jackson said it best' "I'm not feeling it, dawg!". I supposed it is only a game, but I am sure the phrase, "Sports is not about the winning, but about the taking part" was coined by a loser. I suppose if we were going to mess up, let's do it well and proper. Take it with the chin up. There are other games to be won, and I can bet Liverpool will lose their next league match. Watch this space.

But first things first. Have to call Alex Ferguson and apologise on behalf of my maid for not washing my shirt in time for the match.