Should we keep UMMC Astro-free?

It's Sunday, but since one of my colleague is away in Taiwan, I covered him for the weekend duties. I came in for my morning ward round and late morning, I met one of the Medical Officers in the Common Room. While waiting for her, I came across a piece of note on the wall. I snapped a picture of it on my mobile, but for some reason I can't transfer it to my laptop. It was a simple feedback form from the committee asking what they would like to have in the room for the future. One of the reply was to have Astro, the satellite TV company here in Malaysia. Some body wanted a subscription to include the sport channels. The request was promptly rejected and the reason being it may jeopardise patient's well being. Hmm... seems far fetched? Let me tell you my experience.

Wednesday, 7th June 2002. World Cup, Japan. England playing Argentina. I was working in Manchester then. Everyone was watching the match in the doctor's common room. It was just before 11 am due to the time difference. Score was nil-nil. 42 minutes gone in the first half. Every one was still glued in their seat. I can count there were about 50 of us in the small space.

It has been a tense game, mainly played in midfield, but in term of technique, the Argentinean were clearly superior. After 19 minutes, Owen Hargreaves was injured, and was replaced by Trevor Sinclair. England lost what ever left of their midfield superiority. A stray pass, and Owen got through towards goal, but took a heavy touch. From nowhere the keeper came in and upended him. Pierluigi Collina, the referree, has no choice but to point to the penalty spot. Beckham had the penalty duty, not only to score a goal, but to bury the memory of France 98 when he was sent off in the quarter finals for kicking Diego Simeone, an Argentinean midfielder. Everyone remember that infamous incident right?

The room was quiet. Becks put the ball on the spot. Took five steps back. It seemed an eternity. Suddenly all our bleeps went off in synchrony, "CARDIAC ARREST, CORONARY CARE UNIT; CARDIAC ARREST, CORONARY CARE UNIT". Argh! Luckily I was not on call. The anesthetist shouted, "whoever that is, he deserves to die!". Beckham scored seconds later.

Hmm! I wonder if you are watching such a tense match, with the bleep going off, what would you do? I suggest no Astro in the MO common room. The UMMC website should also say, "please come to UMMC, where the doctor will be on hand 24 hours a day and their common room is Astro-free!" Long live UMMC! Would you sent your relatives into a hospital with Astro installed?