Never Trust a Fat Dietitian, Never Trust a Skinny Cook!


Irfan having his pizza at Marche - Does he need a dietitian?

I hate Mondays! Most of us do, unless their job include mingling around supermodels (the one without attitudes, rare ones) or their job have an obscenely huge amount of money as incentive, such as playing football for ManYoo. Driving in on Mondays to work usually put me in a right strop, but not today. It's school holidays week here. It usually takes me around an hour to get from Gombak to UMMC, setting off just after 6.30 am. If I am lucky, I may just arrive for my cup of Nescafe and some kuih just before 7.30. Driving in, I usually put on my usual Podcast to listen. It was 'The Chris Moyles Show', from the BBC this morning. I used to listen to him a lot while in the UK. I also contemplated what I did during the weekend. We had lunch at Marche yesterday. The picture at top is of Irfan muching away at his pizza. Before that, Idlan had his sports day on Saturday, and we had our brunch at Delicious, that was nice. Hmmmm ... a diet theme is forming.

Today, it was 7.05 when I pulled into the parking lot. The day is going to be ace.

One of my patient complained that she is losing weight. Not often that a SHE is concerned about weight loss, because it is usually the opposite. I asked her if she having problem with appetite etc. She said she was doing OK before when she stuck to the hospital dietitian plans, but lately, as she is getting healthier, she decided that the supplements were too yucky. She also had another complaint, "dia senang saja cakap sebab dia sudah kurus". (it's easy for her (the dietitian) to say as she is so skinny). Hmmm! An interesting observation. I remember reading an article some years back, in Reader's Digest of all places about a survey they did in Italy. Skinny cooks are never as good as their chubbier counterpart. Does that apply to fat dietitians as well?

Going back from memory, she is right. I can't remember a fat dietitian working with us. The one attached to my ward for example. I remember her being pregnant a couple of years back, and even with the baby I was sure she only weigh around 45kg. She was really skinny. She must have saved a fortune after delivery from not having to spend money in the gym. As for a cook, not terribly sure. So, my assignment for the semester, try to contact the dietitian school and see if they need a Haematologist to give them lectures. If so, I can see first hand if the theory is true or not. I will keep you guys updated!

The rest of the day was spend hearing the moaning from my Final Year Medical Students. They have their exam starting next week. A lot of them complaining about not getting much revision done .... in Facebook! So stop facebooking and get some reading done. To be honest, in the last week before my final exam, I was also having problem concentrating. I remembered watching a lot of TV. I don't think any last minute scrambling would have made much difference. The illusive distinction and book prizes would have still be beyond me! For the boys and girls, I wish them all the best. Yes, I will try to squeeze in another session of short case before the week ends. I must say that the current crop is pretty decent and I am sure they will do well. All the best you all! Now STOP FACEBOOKING!

Note to self - things to do, 1) enquire if the dietitian school need a lecture about chemotherapy, 2) try some of my patients food supplements ..... are they really yucky?

Irfan and Idlan outside Marche