Good Luck You All!


Tried both tops but we still got beat. Must be the Tandoori, or the lack of it!

The amount of abuse I have to endure for United losing last night was unbelievable. As usual, as a true Devil, I remain confident that we will wrap the league up soon. Chelsea lost last night, and so will Liverpool tonight. Hence at the of the day, everything remains status quo, except for the ascendency of Villa who will beat Liverpool tonight. All the fuss will be about nothing.

As I mentioned on my previous post, I have superstitious about a our recent winning run. On the weekend games (obviously I can't get any Tandoori at 4am in midweek), I will don my ManYoo 2001 long-sleeved replica with number 4 Veron on the back - look at the pics, certainly has been over worn - , then I will go out to my local Mamak stall and order Mee Ladna, ABC, Tandoori chicken and a couple of naan bread. Last weekend during the Pool game, my Veron shirt was in the washer - courtesy of my maid which Alan is certain is a Liverpool fan - and we got soundly beat. I wore the Ronaldo top instead plus the Tandoori. Conclusion, no can do.

Last night, got my Veron top, but due to one thing or the other, no Tandoori. I SMS Alan, and he reckoned it was a bad omen. The rest is history. Next league game will be in a couple of fortnight. Enough time for me to sort everything out, and for sure United will win!

Just finished packing for my trip to Ipoh. The kids are in the shower. Will be there until Tuesday with the kids on tow. For my Final Year students, it has been a pleasure teaching all of you, and I hope that we will make good Doctors out of you guys and gals. Stay calm, trust what you know. There will not be any trick question I am sure. Got to go!

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