Greetings From Ipoh

Cought a sight of this party taxi just as I was departing. There were plenty more balloon on the back seat! I wonder how much the fare is for them! Maybe tak pakai meter!Made it to Ipoh finally by 4pm, after the drama at the start - see my previous post and update.

I am here representing the UM Medical Faculty to the Perak Medical College. They will have the same exam as our UM boys and girls from tomorrow. Since my wife is from Perak, she decided to follow. So we rented an extra room, and both Idlan and Irfan were having a blast. We were at the pool for nearly an hour and a half. Ordered food for afternoon tea, which they gobbled down. We just got back form dinner, and they were running around like headless chicken in the lobby.

Casuarina Ipoh - now known as Impiana Casuarina - is one of those 80's hotel, old school style lobby, old furniture in the rooms. I remember staying here in the late 80s with my parents. It used to be more 'happening' then. It used to be buzzing with people, a place where who's who used to chill. I remember bumping into the previous Menteri Besar and his family while his children were playing in the pool. I bet it will not happen now as we can't even be sure who the Menteri Besar is here.


The Main Lobby at Impiana Casuarina tonightThe lobby was expansive but felt empty. There were nobody playing on the grand piano, there was no background music or chatter. The cafeteria was also pretty basic, although I was told that it was one of the best 'high tea' Ipoh has to offer. We had buffet there for our dinner. The spread was nothing fancy, the main dish being beriyani with a couple of sides. There was also some pasta, some basic salad with dressings. A disappointment really, at a place I used to look forward to visit when I was young. Maybe I was pampered too much with good food in Bangsar and around KLCC. 

The only thing that got the place going must be the swimming pool. We stayed here sometime last year when my wife's uncle died. The boys wanted to hit the pool but time was tight. They got their wish this time around.  The breakfast then was pretty OK. That is something to look forward to tomorrow morning.

As for my boys and girls in the final year at UM, they will have their Final MB coming up tomorrow. So all the best. Stay calm. I am sure I will have to call you with Dr as the prefix in a couple of weeks time. Good night and good luck. 

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