The Lost World of Tambun

Irfan on the pirate ship a Explorabay

After the formal stuff was done, the boys got fretful and wanted to go out. A quick web search and we thought we give the 'Lost World of Tambun' a look. We actually were looking for a place to have lunch initially. The theme park is located about 20 minutes away from Casuarina in the lunchtime traffic - which is no where near as hectic as KL. Typical of Malaysia, if not for my GPS, we would have gotten lost. The signage was next to pathetic. The have enough in terms of quantity, but they were well hidden from important turns. Quality tak dak!

You drive out of town towards the PLUS highway but through it. It is in a new township, built around the old Tambun town. There were plenty of new housing project around, plus of course a Sunway College as the whole area were developed by the Sunway Group.

A quick snack at the cafe

We reached there just after 1.30. A quick lunch at a burger bar. The boys were getting restless for a swim. There were 3 main pool areas, the Waterfall Beach Garden, complete with sand and man-made waves. The second being the Kid's Explorabay, with pirate ships and slides suitable for kids like Irfan and Idlan. The water here was only 50 cm deep max. The last pool area was unfortunately closed for cleaning. It is called Tambun Hot Spring. Apparently it is fed from a natural spring nearby and a big hit around here, with good lighting at night.

We spend a couple of hours at the Explorabay and a further 30 minutes at the beach. Luckily it is the week after the school break. There were not many people around. A few of the attractions and stalls were only opened at night. There were a couple of restaurants open and getting food is really easy. Changing room was a surprise for Anita as both the changing area and toilet were open air. The roof is open with only partitions for the cubicles.

After a long day, Irfan deserved a rest. Here trying to sleep with his Doraemon

Should you guys want to cuti-cuti Malaysia, you should give this place a go. There are plenty to explore with kayaking, animal feedings, camping and team-building facilities. There were also plenty of accommodation nearby. But most importantly, Giant is next door for a quick shopping. Well worth the RM25 entrance fee! Check out the website. Careful, the gate is closed on Tuesdays except during school breaks.

*pics of my boys were intentionally desaturated, sorry!

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