Back in KL

They don't appear keen to go home. Do they?

The 'Problem Solving' paper this morning seems rather more reasonable compared to the CPC yesterday. After the exams, there were some confusion about what to bring back with me to KL. I was rather anxious to get going because I don't want to be stuck with exam papers in my hands overnight. Anything can happen!

Idlan playing Wii in the hotel suite while Irfan and Mum surfing the Net

The counting of the scripts after the exam also took longer than expected. There were a few scripts without the seat number filled, making life complicated for us. We tallied everything in the end. The list for short and long cases next week has been announced. The students now have a clear idea of what is ahead. The RCMP boys and girls will be traveling in a couple of buses to UM this afternoon, hoping to reach there before the traffic build up. They will be spending the next 10 days or so in UniKL campuses, being shipped into UM daily for the exams. The OSCE will start tomorrow running for a couple of days. They will then have the rest of the week off before the long cases Monday to Wednesday, the short cases Thursday onwards. They will be praying for good news come Monday to hopefully attend the mini convocation on the 7th. I might take my leave that day and see off my Final year students. Have to start calling them doctors by then!

The Racecourse from our suite window

Since there were no rush, we had lunch at Casuarina before leaving. We left just before three. On the way to Tambun yesterday, Anita was struck by a sign board just off Casuarina pointing the way to 'Impiana Bougainvillea'. She thought it is a hotel or a rest house. It turned to be a new housing development. Disappointed, we made our way to KL, reaching the Jalan Duta toll house just before 5. There was no traffic jam back to Gombak. Had the time to clean the car right after before settling in. Back to work tomorrow. I have already have a couple of text messages this morning from patients asking if I will be in tomorrow.

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