UMNO Conference Mania

UMNO and me has been connected for many years. I was born in Kepala Batas, Penang. Most of my immediate family still lives there. My grandfather's house was only about 200 yards away from Datuk Abdullah Badawi, the Prime Minister's house. Our family knew each other since I can remember. My grandfather, uncles and mother are all ardent supporters of UMNO. They really put their time and effort into it. They really believe in what UNO stands for. They believe that UMNO is the reason for Malaya (as Malaysia was known at the time) to gain independence from the British.

The spirit rubbed off to me. When I was a student i the UK, I was active in the UMNO Club there. By 1997, I was the UMNO Youth Head for the UK an Eire. Unfortunately then that I encountered first time on how politics can be dishonest and deceitful. I don't see it as my cup of tea. I like everything straight and I am more of a 'do'er than a talker. People close to me knew that. I didn't pursue UMNO anymore.

AT the turn of the Millennium, A fair few of my peers from UMNO left the organisation and joined the Opposition, Parti Keadilan. I still hear from them from time to time, so as from my friends that remained in UMNO. It is very clear there two kinds of people in both camps. The 'do'ers, the real core that get the things done, and another group that are in it for the power. Different political parties, but they are essential the same. Not all of them are corrupted. They are still a few that are genuinely to make a difference. But oftentimes they are the ones that shied away from the limelight. The unsung hero of the group.

This evening, we will learn who will be elected as the Vice and Deputy President, cum the Deputy Prime Minister. I hope it is the 'do'er in him that gets him elected. Hopefully there will also be less of this.

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