Visitors from Songkla

Was planning to update the blog yesterday after the UMNO election results but I fall asleep instead. The reason, visitors from Prince of Songkla University Medical School who visited the Medical Department yesterday. Both myself and my bosses, Profs Wan and Gan were there to welcome them. The leader of the group is a Professor of Haematology. We gave briefings on the Department, the Undergraduate and the Masters programs. We then took them to visit the Haematology ward, Dialysis Unit and the Clinical Investigations Centre. I finally saw them off at around 5.

It was raining heavily, so I had some coffee with Bee and Edmund, waiting for the traffic to subside. Reached home rather exhausted, took my shower and as usual, the the boys were climbing all over me. Then guess what? I was dozing off. Finally learned the election results this morning. Need some time to guzzle them down before I can comment. Will blog later in the afternoon.

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