The Lull in the Middle of the Storm

I remember the weekends in the middle of exams that I used to enjoy during my student times. It is a time when nobody and nothing can stop you from indulging. Everything you do can be justified as releasing the tension. You can stay up all night watching TV, go to cinema, eating out, retail therapy especially for the fairer sex, on the computer playing games for hours. When anybody ask you why you are wasting your time, you just shut them up by telling them how hard you studied, how difficult the paper was etc. Ahhh! Those days!

Even now as an academician, as their lecturer, there is a part of me that said, 'well some of them really messed up their paper, they should be concentrating on the clinicals', or remembering how rubbish they were when they were preparing for the exams, I can't help but to condone them. I have been through this exams before. At this late stage, a good feet-up will do wonders. Certainly stops you from asking how bad you did, what else I need to study. That will just cause you to tense up. The more tense you are, the worst you will tend to do. So for my Final MBBS boys and girls, take a good day's rest. Get your feet up. Have a nice coffee at Starbucks or Pak Abu. Watch a movie or three. During my time, I used to either play badminton or football.

Clear everything off your mind! .... and I shall see you next week for the clinicals ...... wearing my evil hat, smiling wryly .... before I ask you the five causes of bilateral facial nerve palsy! Ha! Ha! Ha! <insert evil laugh>