And The Winners Are ....

A couple of days ago during lunch, sitting down with colleague, we just can't help but touch on the UMNO election. Bear in mind my colleagues are mainly Chinese. The main questions were 1) who will be the next Deputy President (basically the next Deputy Prime Minister) and 2) will Khairy win the Youth Head post?

The two questions are answered now. The only way for Muhyiddin to lose is if Ali Rustam's supported all shifted to Muhd Taib's camp. Khairy won by a landslide despite being given a warning only a few days back on his involvement in money politics. But truthfully, there was no major shock there.

I was actually surprised by he manner in which Shahrizat trounced Rafidah. Other eye-opening observations were the fact how badly the 'Menteri Besar's did in the Supreme Counsel election and the fact that there was only a solitary woman candidate selected. Azalina tried but failed to win a seat. The previous leaders of the Youth and Putera wings did well, with Hishamuddin landing the Vice President berth and Azeez a seat in the Supreme Council. It was also humbling to hear that Shahrir Samad offered his resignation from Cabinet after failing to stay in the SC. I always had time for him and I am sure he will find some way to serve. Maybe back to the PAC. Will this be the end for Azalina I wonder? Will this also send a message to both the Wanita and Puteri Wing that something needs to change. The change in the leaders can only be good and hopefully they will start afresh.

They is no time to dwell however as there will be three by-elections coming up in the next few weeks. It will be an early test of public opinion on Najib's leadership, although an unfair one. If BN wins, the critics will put it down to a new wind in the sails. Should BN loses then everyone will start writing about their downfall. It looks like a lose-lose situation. Well that's the price to be paid for having the elections so soon after the Assembly.