Put The Lights Out Brother

The boys do IKEA

Children just don't know when to stop. We went out for dinner in KLCC last night after Idlan's music school. Had a wonderful time at Spice of India. Stopped over at Kinokuniya, bought a few magazine. Idlan and Irfan making noise as usual running around the book store, burning off the extra energy after earlier doughnuts.

Waking up this morning, they wanted to go out again, and as I will be on call tomorrow, it may be a good idea after all. Anita wanted to go to IKEA and as usual, the kids wants to have lunch at Marche. One thing I really love about The Curve is the outdoor market they have during weekends. Today the boys got a Doraemon and Luigi dolls, while I myself got Toad to hang in the car. Nice! Anita bought herself a bag. We just got home and the two boys are asleep.

The Day Market at The Curve

The drawback of this all though is I missed much of the UMNO Assembly speeches. Will need to wait for the RSS feeds to come through later and read the editorials and blogs. But it is clear that Abdullah will be stepping down as early as next week as he is seeking an audience with the Yang Dipertuan Agong coming Thursday. No doubt there will be an eagerly awaited cabinet reshuffle soon after. There will be intense lobbying until then by the politicians to land themselves the coveted cabinet posts.

Idlan with his Luigi, reading at MPH

Daddy's Toad

It looks like Earth Hour is going off with a bang this year. The publicity is better as the one last year seemed like a non-event. For those unaware, it is a yearly event, first organised in 2007, but only in selected cities, Sydney being one of them. 35 countries participated in the event last year. Despite Singapore and the Philippines doing their bids, the concept sounded alien to us back home apart from in and around KLCC - the Twin Tower lights were switched off then. To be honest, even though the event was initiated by the the WWF (not the wrestling one ah!), it did not receive a full backing of the UN. The UN Headquarters will only be switching off their lights for the first time this year even though the whole of New York, including the Empire State Building was in darkness last year. Even the Google homepage was dimmed for an hour during the blackout - they are not doing this year. The irony is, some cities are planning to celebrate the darkness with firework shows .... hmmmm .... carbon emission ... global warming .... you do the math! I pray that KLCC won't be doing the same. But to be honest, the relevant ministers have got their hands tied up in the UMNO Assembly to care much about it.

 The fountains around th Day Market

It looks like everyone is embracing it this year which can only be good, but the main objective is not how much we can save in that hour. The main goal is to create awareness. The fact that it is becoming an event with cult followers will hopefully spawn other ideas in the future. At the time of writing, watching CNN, Sydney has switched off its streetlights and other non-essential lights. I will be doing so as well although it will not be popular in the household. Everyone will be watching Akademi Fantasia!

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