Oh! My Arm's Aching!

That guy in red is proper lethal! Watch out!I went down for the first time to join a few of my ex-Terendakians for a game of badminton as mentioned last night. Instead of catching the zzz very quickly after the game, I had insomnia! I just cannot sleep! I only finally managed to doze off around 3.30. I tried everything, glass of milk, even reading articles, but I was just wide awake! Must be extra adrenaline.

Woke up this morning slightly late as a consequence. Luckily it is Tuesday, when ward activity is lightest. Edmund led the ward round, so I just joined up halfway. My whole body is aching! I need some urut I think! How am I going to survive another session next week?

Deep down, I really enjoyed hooking up with the lads. They are all grown up. When at MRSM, I have a badminton partner from the opposite end of the spectrum. At school, I was the bookworm, very enthusiastic in school programs, holding posts and stuff, while my partner is a typical rebel in the year. Nobody believed that we clicked together on the badminton court, and we remained unbeaten during the school sports competition. He is now a teacher and happens to live near my Mum's house in Bukit Antarabangsa, married with four kids. He is the last person I would have thought to turn out to be a teacher. But a teacher he is. The pic on top right is me playing with Hasni (or Payut as we liked to call him, and I was called Asap, not because I smoke but due to part of my facial anatomy). He now works for Bank Negara. He will be giving me the lift this weekend to Malacca.

So I am off for my massage then ..... wishful thinking!

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