Told You This Stem Cell Thing Will Lead Somewhere Someday

Hello! Is it me you're looking for?Part of my work in UMMC involves stem cell transplant as part of the long term consolidation among my unfortunate leukaemia patients. Oftentimes, we never even got to it, either due to patient not having a good enough response to initial chemotherapy, patient being too old for the procedure, have problem with their internal organs or carrying infection that will render the transplant process too risky. However, all this are meaningless if they don't have potential donor in the first lace. As a rule, we look amongst their siblings to donate. Failing that, we may be looking at the various stem cell or cord blood registry.

I stumbled across this article yesterday which I found interesting enough to blog about. Conventional stem cell transplant are not alien to us. There are now new avenues being explored for it's use, from the conventional to the bizarre. The success of autologous (source being patient's own) stem cell infusion into Mr A Allagra's in September 2003 in IJN captured the public imagination. I was fortunate enough to be part of the team to perform the first adult unrelated transplant in Malaysia, although my boss my not be impressed to be quoted as a Medical Officer.

Now, breast augmentation from stem cell? Hmmmm! Now, that's a thought. I am not sure how to response should a member of public ask me about it - hey! I am a stem cell expert after all!. And for the students, should I ask you the indications for stem cell transplant, please don't mention to grow breasts!

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