A Brand New Month ...

Toad eyeing my dinner last night. Maybe he is protesting as I have some mushroom in the noodle

So, did anybody got hit by the conflicker.c virus so far? Hopefully it stays as an April Fool prank, even though part of me being a Mac user would like to see that one coming ....

I started blogging proper only since Friday the 13th last month (March). It has been fun, and the support and encouragement I received from readers have been great. When I started, I planned to give it a couple of months, before I find a topic I am relatively good at and only blog exclusively on that. 3 weeks on, I am still uncertain, not because there were no topic of interest, but it is just that I feel I lack focus at the moment.

This morning, sitting in a lecture about sleep, how appropriately, I drafted myself a timetable. I will still write daily - I feel that it is getting easier compared to when I started. I have assigned myself a topic to chew on everyday, selected on a theme. 

So here it goes;

Monday - Haematology/Oncology News

Tuesday - Tech update, about gadget and stuffs

Wednesday (today) - Anything photography, hopefully posting some new pictures taken during the week etc, and looking at latest camera gears

Thursday - Medical news, coinciding with the current issue of New England Journal

Friday - Sports, especially my beloved United

Saturday - undecided because usually I take my boys out that day

Sunday - roundup of news of interest for the week

It's gonna be hard work, but I am sure I will learn a lot as time goes ...

Prof David HuiAs for this morning lecture, it was delivered by our Final MBBS external examiner from Hong Kong, Prof David Hui. He is an eminent pulmonalogist and currently sits in the WHO advisory board for avian flu. He talked about the 'Cardiovascular Effect of Sleep Apnoea'. Unfortunately, I was in the cloud dreaming about this blog!