A Long Day in Putrajaya

The main Lobby area

Saturday. Nice weather outside. That can only mean one thing. Roadtrip. We decided to check out a new hotel in Putrajaya, the Pullman.

The sitting area at the Jasmine building, built to Indian motif

Located in Precinct 5, after the usual drive around due to lack of signage, we finally arrive at the establishment just after 3. The was no real drive through lobby. Instead, we drove straight into the underground carpark, and took the lift straight up. The place was only opened last month, and they are running a promotion. A night's stay will only cost you just over RM200 with tax.

Hmm! Ice cream!

The hotel compound is divided into 4 areas with a different motif, each themed to the major Malaysian races. I can't remember the 4th though. The main check-in area is in the Oriental building, while the biggest building, in which the bistro was located has a Malay theme. The buildings were nestled next to a lake, with a pavilion. There are nice views of Putrajaya in the surrounding are, with the PICC forming the backdrop.

The concept is rather nice. Each area have their own sitting area, kind of similar to a usual lobby. The rooms are located in the peripheries, with a central open space, a park or a water feature. Everything is open and soothing. One thing I noticed, there are many sitting areas with comfy cushions. In every floor and every open areas, there are cushions and settees. The bistro is also had plenty of open space with verandah. Unfortunately, there was thunderstorm outside and we had to have our tea in. 

The deco on the ceiling of the B bistro, where we had tea

The Oriental theme garden

There were still construction taking place, new facilities are just being furnished. The creche area is already opened. There were also bicycles available for rent and other indoor sports theme. Unfortunately we did not have a chance to see any of the rooms. There is also a restaurant at the jetty area that is opened at night for dinner. It was almost 6 when we left. Everything is pretty quiet by then.

 In the creche

When we reached home Anita was saying that maybe we should bring our Mum there for a respite. I may be able to write a bit more about the place then.