A Relief, and Some Bad News

I am still high from last night's football match. United does not deserve to win, but a sign of a Champion is being able to win ugly if necessary. I spent the whole morning looking at my student's thesis data. She is in the final haul now of writing them up. I think it will be fine. Some of the data came up really well.

I then caught up with the weeks news and reading other blog post when I got the news that my neighbour's wife has just suffered a miscarriage. All was well until yesterday and she is due for term birth within the next couple of weeks. This will be her first baby. Last night she noticed that the baby stopped kicking and she was promptly brought to the hospital. Unfortunately the baby's heart has already stopped.

They are now inducing her for delivery. This is agony since she still have to go through the whole of process of labour and delivery, which likely going to last overnight. I don't think I can go through all that. I am grateful for the two boys we had, Irfan and Idlan. Even if they got to our nerves at times!

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