Pingu School for Irfan

Entrance to the School

I'm on leave today. First thing's first. Have to go through the checklist. Amongst the things needing sorting out is getting Irfan and Idlan to see their Paediatrician in Pantai Hospital. At least Irfan did not freak out this time and that took skill!

One of the classroom

Next up, pre-school for Irfan. Destination - Jalan Telawi, Bangsar. Venue - Pingu School. Toot! Toot! Oh My God! They couldn't stop running. The school was empty at the time. While we were chatting with the teacher, both of them were of course watching Pingu.

The boys naturally was watching Pingu

The school is next to the familiar Madam Kwan's restaurant opposite Bangsar Village II. It was right at the top floor. The program were divided into three stages according to age and reading ability, from three onwards. We have to start from the basic for Irfan. 

Pingu saying Goodbye

The class is opened from Monday to Saturday and classes last for an hour, three times a week. Our main concern is leaving Irfan alone at the school. We are sure there will be drama. We enrolled him for a month starting in May. We will then see how things goes. The school days are still not planned since it pretty much depends on how many students joined up.

As for me. Need to rush to get a pair of gym shoes. Playing badminton tonight with the ex-Terendakians.

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