Month 1 Report

A few of my friends did warn me that blogging can be addictive. Since I am heading for my sabbatical and quite keen to start one, I took the plunge on Friday the 13th of March. 183 blogposts later, the novelty has not worn out just yet. In fact the post are keeping on coming.

As it stands today, I have a week's worth of content lined up in advance. The blog structure is also evolving, first I ditched up the Malay posts, then created a different journal stream called 'Themed Post', mainly a weekly timetable of planned content. I realised that too rigid a plan is no fun. I have therefore created a third journal thread 'Impulse Links', basically posting whatever of interest I come across on the day. From the constructive feedback from readers, I have also put a separate picture gallery to supplement the blogs. Should you be following my blog, please subscribe to all three RSS feeds.

As far as statistics goes, the March numbers looks good. I had just under 2500 hits in the months. Since the site is new, I have attracted new viewer, as in new IPs. Looking at the exact numbers per day, the site has been visited by easily 100 surfers. I have also included a small Google ads. It would be nice if you can click on it from time to time if they are relevant to your liking of course. Another new addition is the archive page, although it looked rather disorganised at the moment.

So again, thank you very much. Please feel free to comment, and please also drop me a line if you want me to mention your blog as a fellow.