It is Nice to be Important, but it is More Important to be Nice

For once, I felt blessed earlier. Surrounded by my brothers and sisters, who have now turned into Doctors. I was so proud. I think I cried when I was talking to a few of you who I remembered came to see me before, asking for advice. A few of you who had to repeat some exams, dropped a year even, finally making it. None the less, you all look stunning and dashing.

My head is still spinning with emotions. Proud. Sad. Happy. All mixed. I can't imagine what was going through your minds. My thought is with 21 of your colleagues who did not make it this time around. I will try to help them. Please let them know my mobile for them to contact me. According to the Dean, the passing rate this year is 87%, below the target of 90%. The passing rate for RCMP is much less than that. There were no Gold Medals awarded this year. However after his speech, Prof Ikram did invite a few of the boys and girls who did better than others, those on the Dean's List to step up to be congratulated.

In his speech, Prof Ikram mentioned about three R's, Responsibility, Reconciliation and Reflection. Something for the boys and girls to ponder about. Then the awards from the Orthopaedics, Paediatrics and Surgical Department was announced. I wished that the Medical Department hands a similar award out as well. Prof Wan then was given the opportunity to give his amanat. I hardly touched my food. I'm starving now. I was busy congratulating everyone. I hope that the feelings was mutual.

By 10.30, signals were given for the Lecturers to make a dignified exit. After some photos, I left. Hopefully I managed to let some of them know what I felt. I may not see them again in the future however. As far as I can tell, the posting list for the Housemans (re - HO = Hamba Orang) is now out yet. Most of you doesn't know where you'll be headed next. At least Singapore did not take the top 5% from our pool this time around.

I think the party is still going on at the time I am posting this blog. Congratulations again. Do drop by to hear from me from time to time. I look forward to see the pictures from tonight posted on Facebook. Don't forget to tag me. Adios!