The Journey Starts Today

Heard that some of you have finished packing your stuffs. I'm sure you can't wait to get away. Or maybe some of you were still tired, being woken up by the fogging at 7.30 this morning having only hit the bed at 5am. All of you are still manic from the experience, and the mania won't stop for another 2 weeks, well at least it took me that long to pass off mine.

I am on leave today, so had time to wake up with my two boys. Idlan is on leave for a week, so I got the Wii set up for him. We were playing Mario Kart just now, he and his Luigi, and me of course with Toad. Then I had the time to look into the blogs and Facebook. Struck me that there were not that many Lecturers turning up last night. The two I expected to come were Vivek and KS Lim (the real KS Lim, not the Chris KS Lim loh!). You guys should have call them and paksa them to come. I think the main difference between the UM and the Perak graduate was their clinical skills. I am sure it has a lot to do with the better access to patients during the weeks leading up to the exam. I am sure it was also due to the dedications of these group of lecturers staying back late to take you through some of these cases.

I took today's leave because I wanted to see you off during the mini-graduation. I did not plan to attend last night. In fact it was my Badminton night. Took real sacrifice to miss that! I will try to find where the graduation is later and say my goodbyes. You should ring the other lecturers who have helped you along to come as well. Call them. It is still not too late.

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