In Port Dickson

Currently I am in Port Dickson staying at our beach apartment at Bayu Beach Resort. Yes, we are defying the threat of swine flu. Hit the beach upon arrival yesterday and completely knackered after.

Had a lousy dinner at one of the Thai food outlet near here. The decor was not bad but the service is to die for ..... I mean you're more likely to die than get a decent one. Not only the food did not come as ordered, the drinks did not arrive at all. When I went to enquire, they had the cheek to come over 5 minutes later to check if I was lying. The drinks then finally arrived 10 minutes after that. FFS, if you messed up at least trust your customer.

The food I ordered for my boys were too spicy, and when we asked, they said sorry that theady who took our order is on her break, and they blamed it fully on her! It may be her fault but just get on with it and stop cleaning your dirty laundry in public.

We then had a drive to town. We noticed that it is relatively quiet compared to last year. Maybe it's the swine flu thing or just that people have less money to spend. It wasn't as buzzing as it was. And then the condition of the beach.... Put it this way. It needs maintenance.

I am blogging while waiting for my breakfast ... and it is here. I'll post up some pics when I setlle back in the apartment. It sounded like Anita has other plans for the day, and I am sure it involves shopping!