PD - Day 2

Yes, having breakfast again. My usual holiday staple diet - nasi lemak, roti canai and teh tarik - yes, all three! The boys are restless since their sausages haven't arrived yet.

Slight change in plan yesterday. My Dad had to go back to Penang for business and my sister Julia is going to Melaka to visit her in-law for the weekend. So she dropped my mum in Seremban and she is enjoying my children's company.

As usual, we had fun looking for dinner. The beach are certainly filling up with visitors now. This is a bit more like it, but still it's not as jam-packed as usual. Restaurant business should be good, but instead most of them are closed. What ever left open were either full or well below par. We just had some nasi goreng, so everyone is looking forward for breakfast this morning.

The beach neae our apartment was also filled with campers. They were still partying well past midnight. I sat at the balcony enjoying the flashlight daNcing on the beach.

When I woke up this morning, the beach were already filled with bathers. There were also organised group activities - I think it was a school reunion of some sort. The banana boat were already out. Big party out there.

As for our plan, it's shopping day again, this time plus my mum. Still editing mY pics. Some of them were uploaded on my flicker account already. I had a problem logging into my website last night and had to update it via email.