Arrived in KL

Finally made it to Gombak in one piece. The traffic was smooth but we did take our time. After breakfast, we went for a drive and stroll in Telok Kemang. The weather was not too hot and it was pretty windy to keep everything bearable. No ice-creams for the boys ..... and Daddy though because all of us got runny nose. We had a ride on a horse-cart though. We then drove to Eagle Ranch, about 5 km south of Teluk Kemang. It is a cowboy-themed park. We just hang around for 20 minutes as it was time for lunch.

We went to the Golf Club for lunch and left PD around 2, dropping my Mum at Bukit Antarabangsa on the way back. Nice day all around.

I managed to upload most of the pics already. You can either follow this link or to my Flickr page

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