Irfan's First Proper School Day

Finally Anita got her wish. She always dreamt that one day, her kids will be attending school and she will have the day all to herself. Today is a step in the right direction. Irfan attended her first proper pre-school day.

The day obviously started early. We sent Idlan to school first just before eight. Got Irfan ready, and off we went to Bangsar. Irfan attended the Pingu's English class, just opposite Bangsar Village II, a strategic place for Anita to indulge should she be able to in the future after dropping Irfan off.

We were rather nervous at the beginning, not sure if he will cause a ruckus. In the first 20 minutes or so Irfan was rather quiet. The principal and owner of the centre, Puan Sarah was there. They were expecting another child but he/she did not turn up. While Irfan was getting introduced to the place - and watching a couple of episodes of Pingu of course - Anita was chatting with the principal. She is the sister of the founder of Krista Kindergarten and she herself owns a couple of franchises in Setiawangsa and Melawati. The idea of the Pingu's English school in Malaysia has always been her idea for a while now, but due to certain circumstances it was only launched last year.

She appears to have vast experience. She studied initially as a fashion designer in Melbourne before going into education. She did pre-school training in London and has been involved in schools and kindergarten to a certain extend for at least the last 10 years. She certainly was very approachable. Looking at her we realised that she has been in a few magazines and newspaper articles before.

Currently there a around a dozen of students. Since the classes were scattered, we have not met any of Irfan's fellows. He will be attending the classes three times a week, lasting an hour each. So the school run will be rather interesting. As soon as Irfan finished his class, Anita will have to rush to fetch Idlan.

However today, Irfan did not want to go home at 11. I had to fetch Idlan by myself and then took him to Bangsar. The first day went well. No tantrum. He enjoyed his colouring and plasticine work. Looking forward for tomorrow's class.


After class we had lunch at Bangsar Village, then went to Kiz gym for the kids. Anita was checking out Fit for 2 next door. Quite interesting. A keep fit thing for mum and baby. The shop was empty though but the food looked nice. We drove home around 3, and the two boys were fast asleep in the car and did not move a beat when we took them into their bed. Hopefully Irfan still have the same enthusiasm for Pingu tomorrow.