What to buy for Mother's Day?

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It's the time of the year again when both my wife and my Mum were dropping me hints. My Mum usually expected me and my sister to take her out for dinner, with all her grandchildren around. Last year we went to a restaurant in Wangsa Maju. The food did not turn out as nice as we expected despite the ambiance and the price.

Anita dropped me a few hints yesterday, so I know I had to be on a mission. Unfortunately I will have to travel to Penang rather than spend the day with her and my kids as one of my cousin is getting married. I would be driving my parents there, so it is very likely we will have the meal there. Next week also will be the MMed exam week, so I will be back at work. It will be followed by the SIRIM Audit in UMMC from the 18th, so I can't take leave that few days either.

On a different note, was quite glad that United will be facing Barca instead of Chelsea. Really enjoyed the look on John Terry's face at the death. I was worried that it will be our turn to lose the penalty shoot-out in Rome. At least with Barcelona we will expect an open high tempo game. We will wait and see.

Lunch at Marche, The Curve

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