I am Northbound today. My cousin is getting married tomorrow. Well he is married today. His akad nikah is today, and the wedding kenduri on the wife side. Tomorrow will be on his side. I drove with my parents. My kids are just too tired to make the journey as we will be heading back tomorrow.

Malay wedding can be rather tedious. There are minimum 3 ceremonies. The akad nokah, when the groom says I do. Then the wedding ceremony on the wife side followed later, usually on a separate day on the husband side. To safe cost, we tend to have the akad nikah and brides' wedding on the same day. For me, we held a reception as well at a hotel, inviting friends and extended family. The akad nikah tends to be for the immediate family and the ceremony temded to be more intimate.

We plan to travel home tomorrow after the wedding as Monday will be the MMed exams.

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