Back from Melaka

After attending two and a half day of workshop, I am finally back. The actually workshop was pretty good. It was basically about Clinical Epidemiology. It was designed to prepare us before we start teaching the medical students about the subject. The learning curve was steep and at the end of it all, I was pretty knackered.

Inside the MegamallAs I blogged earlier, I wished that the management invest more on the resort hotel since the potential is enormous. Maintenance was pretty lacking. A few of my coursemates actually had to change room because of the condition of the room. The last session today was basically for us to present a mock research we were doing since yesterday.

I left Alor Gajah after lunch and by 3 pm, I was already home. I took a nap right through the afternoon after that.

Last night, I drove to Bandar Melaka. It surprisingly took longer that I expected. Plus the traffic congestion and taking wrong turns, it took me a good hour to reach the parking lot at Dataran Pahlawan. The place was pretty good for a city this size. Most of the outlets were there, plus karaoke bar, multiplex cinemas and bowling alleys. There was also rows of stalls selling crafts. The actually mall was big as it stretched underground across a whole length of a field. Unfortunately, there were not many people during weekday nights. The famous Jonker Street was practically empty. There were hardly anybody at the Eye on Malacca. Surprisingly, there were more people out when I drove back than going in.

I have taken tomorrow and Friday off, so I will be taking my Mum out when I send Irfan off to school tomorrow morning.

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