A Fruitful Day

Breakfast at Chawan .... Nasi Lemak!Managed to recover from my trip back from Melaka. Started the day by taking my children on their school run. I brought my Mum with me to send Irfan to his Pingu School in Bangsar, had breakfast with her at Chawan. I then visited Bangsar Village to see my picture with Idlan first hand. A couple of weeks back, we had our picture taken in a competition. It is for a charity celebrating Father's Day. They were looking for father and child look-a-likes.

Should you guys be passing Bangsar Village by any chance by tomorrow, please vote for us. We are pair number 54! Definitely look a like one!

After Bangsar, we fetched Idlan and headed for Damansara where we had lunch. We also booked a table in Marche to celebrate Father's Day with the family. It will also be my Dad's 62nd birthday on the 20th. After sending everyone back home, went to the post office to renew my driving license, sent my car to the garage for a quick look since the warning lights kept coming on indicating the boot was open when it clearly was not. It only started since we sent the car for service last Saturday.

I then went to make a police report for insurance claim. I had my windscreen chipped while driving a couple of weeks back. Went to the traffic station in Taman Dagang. Everything went smoothly and all finished by 4.30. The only hitched was the investigating officer was out and I have to return tomorrow to pick up the report.

We then packed up to move some stuffs to our weekend house at Taman Cemerlang. Did the garden, and now I am suffering from it, not before going out to buy groceries and dinner. That's what I call a fruitful day ..... time to head for bed!