The other side of my role at UMMC

It's a rather surreal day. One of my nephew was born with undescended testes, and since he has been complaining of pain in his tummy in the last couple of weeks. Initially his parents tried traditional massage, but clearly it has not worked - have faith, my son! I brought him to see the Paediatric Surgeon this morning expecting just a consultation. Instead, he identified a slot tomorrow morning for an op, and admitted the boy.

I spent the afternoon explaining to my nephew what to expect tomorrow. This poor boy really like his comic book and fast food. Had to buy him some then since he will be fasting from midnight tonight. As I was sorting out my stuff, I got a phonecall from my wife telling me that her auntie is also inpatient. It was however a planned one. She will have her angiogram tomorrow morning.

Hence I spend the day as a visitor and counsellor today ...