Decision made and plan changed

The last couple of weeks has been a difficult one for me on the personal front! No, my wife still loves me ... or at least she said so. No, UMMC has not sussed me out that I am not that cool a doctor. But it became clear that my planned Australian sojourn is just not viable. My close family expressed deep reservation about uprooting my family for the coming four years and after some deep thinking .... they have a point! However, I don't think this if any, is an appropriate forum to discuss it in detail.

So, I will stay put. I will consider my options. There are a few. I still think that research is something I want to do in the future apart from teaching. It is not that I am not keen to see patients, but I feel I can be a more effective physician if I broaden my horizon. At the end it will come down to personal choices and I realise there are so many advise you can seek but there will come a time when you, yours truly will have to swallow the pill and face the music.

Should any of my friends read this, yes, you all will still have to put up with me for the foreseeable future. I must say that my seniors has been anything but understanding about my decision. Since I made it, I have to confess that I have an extra spring in my step. My family was certainly happy with it, and at this point I think that is more important.