Happy Father's Day

The 5 grandchildren, originally uploaded by Haris Abdul Rahman.

As mentioned, we took my Dad (Dada) for lunch today. As he liked steaks, we brought him to Marche at The Curve. All his five grandchildren were on tow and as expected they created havoc. The good news is there was a 20% discount on meals for Father's Day!

We spend a couple of hours there with the children occupied at the playground. Next, we headed across to the Sunday Market. According to my sister, Julia, the stalls were pretty disappointing today compared to last. That didn't stop here from getting a brand new pair of shoes. Next, we walked across to IKANO. Julia wanted to get her children Crocs shoes.

It took us nearly an hour trying shoes out to keep everyone happy. They then headed for the play area back at The Curve causing more havoc there!

Finally we drove home around 4. It was a long afternoon. Both Idlan and Irfan went to sleep at 8 tonight. Idlan has his school assessment tomorrow, and Anita was up awake worried. Imagine if he was taking A levels or something. I'll probably need to get Anita a pacemaker!

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