Idlan and his Assessment

Idlan practicing his sumsAnita has been up all night last night thinking of Idlan's assessment this morning. Bear in mind he is only 5, and it is for kindergarden. I think she is a tad over-reacting. Anyhow. She got him up and early and ready to go by 7.30. As usual, our driver was late, and Anita had to do the driving herself.

I used the new DUKE highway today and left the house at 7.30. Traffic was cool on the highway with only a minor hick-up at Jalan Duta exit. Reached the Faculty by 8, and already up and running in my room at 8.15. Quick check on the feeds and email. This is when I learned that Ida Nerina is in the ward after taken a tumble the night before. She had spinal injury but the details about what happened was rather sketchy.

Got a shock when I turned up when I saw that there are 8 Medical Officers now attached to my ward. This is what I call total care for the patient. The ratio is around 1 doctor every other patient when you count out the 5 lecturers as well. So we were practically tripping on each other during Grand Ward Round yesterday. Myself and Bee gave up during Day Care where there were no seat for us. We ended up trouble-shooting then left early to start the Transplant Clinic.

We then had a discussion about our future plan for the Unit over tea. Then head home and looking forward for the usual badminton session. I must confess that I was rather tired and all. I left after 3 games and already ready for bed soon. Guess I am getting old.

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