Me and Specks

Me and Specks, originally uploaded by Haris Abdul Rahman.

Spent the whole day yesterday sorting things out for the audit in the afternoon. The auditors came and went, and they are pretty pleased with things, which is great. I am sure those of you who had to endure an audit before would testify that it can be an ordeal. This particular one was for an anticoagulant study I have been conducting for the past couple of years. The auditors were from France, Korea and Taiwan. The lady from Taiwan was particularly menacing, but her boss, the Parisian guy was pretty steady and complementary. It may be just a French thing I think.

Lanyau and the othersPavillion in the evening!Anyhow, in the evening after work, I had dinner with Specks, one of my old buddy from school. He is now working for a Pharmaceutical company in London and is just back for a couple of weeks. He brought with him a couple of friends, an actor from Bristol and his girlfriend, a Medical Microbiologist from Cardiff. We had dinner at Madam Kwan in Pavillion, and we were graced by the presence of Madam Kwan herself! They had some Char Koey Teow, and so did I. Another old Terendakian also came with us, Lanyau. They are off to Cherating tomorrow morning having just got back from a weekend in Langkawi. I can see that they were all sporting a tan!

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