I Got it Published!

Well, usually if a university lecturer says that it means that one of his academically sound, well-researched article has been accepted by one of the journals. That is one of the ways how we get promoted you see. But this one is slightly different, but just as thrilling!

Since putting my Urbanscapes online in the last couple of days, my flickr feed has gone bonkers. We are talking 500+ hits here. Yesterday, I received an email from a reporter from the Malay Mail asking if she can use some of my photos from the flickr feed for a piece she was doing. No probs. Today, it is in the paper. The online version got only one of them put up, but in the paper version, there were two of them.

The featured article in Malay Mail, click on image for link.The other photo featured in the article, but in colour instead.So, I am walking on a high today, and rest assured with the knowledge that you don't really need a big wonking DSLR with you when you have the LX3. I still wouldn't mind the EOS 5D Mark II though! Got to handle one of them during the weekend belonging to one of my fellow KLickr. Got to get ready for badminton later!

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