Another afternoon of the Waiting Game

I spent the afternoon with my sister. She was not feeling well last night but we thought that it was just a simple virus. Her husband was due to leave for Kota Kinabalu this morning to attend a conference. Everything was OK when he left.

By mid-day however, my sister developed some tummy ache and a slight fever. She went to see a GP. She was having pain on right side of her abdomen by now and it was getting worst. Whe was still able to walk. My Dad called me, and I arranged for her to come and meet me at the Casualty.

She looked tired and weak, but was still able to walk around. Doctors came and examine her and at the everyone thought that she may have appendicitis. Everyone was however doubly nice to us, but I am sure it is something to do with me being a staff there.

It's late afternoon now and we are still waiting for the senior surgeon to come. His junior has decided to admit my sister anyhow. Therefore we are just waiting to see what happen.

Appendicitis, although sounds trivial can be tricky to diagnose even by a senior doctor. Some patient comes in with pain worst than giving birth, but only yurn out to be nothing, while others came in with very minor symptoms that turned out to be an abscess.

I hope that she will be OK after a period of observation. Her husband is rather anxious to find out if he needs to travel back to KL. But at the moment, all we can do it wait.