Happy Birthday to Me

I had a long day yesterday. Woke up early to send my maid away from the LCCT in Sepang. SHe is going home for around 10 days to visit her family before the coming Ramadhan. Got back home just in time for Jumaat prayers. Luckily there were no delay.

It was the first time I have been to the LCCT. It certainly was .... low cost. Completely different to the grandiosity of KLIA, it more resemble a branch of Tesco for a lack of a better description. Bear in mind that you are there just to catch a flight, not doing anything fancy at the lounge or duty-free shops.

The rest of the day were filled with answering emails, SMSes and facebook messages. Many thanks for those who took the time to write. I have tried answering all of them, but I am sure I missed a fair few. I will try to get round yo that. We went to dinner, just the four of us after Idlan's music class.

Today, we had a celebratory lunch with my father-in-law. Due to some freak coincidence, he was also born on the 10th of July. I guess that's how I manage to get her daughter's hand for marriage you see. We had a Chinese at Corus Hotel. I must say that this meal was better than the one we had here for Idlan's birthday. I guess it was because this being a lunch rather than dinner, and there were no other guess. Food was excellent and the waiters looked after us very very well.

Thanks again for the warm wishes.

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