The Second Annual Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk

If any of yo are keen Photoshop user than you might come across the name Scott Kelby. He writes books. He shows tutorials. All about photoshop. If you want to learn a trick or two about photoshop, googling his name will definitely improve your kong-fu once you try his techniques.

Group photo courtesy of RIPI - understands that the majority of the photographers are a quiet lot. Well, for those who knows me might not agree, but I can understand why he paint that with a broad brush. He decided last year to put out a campaign to get those lot out from their rooms and take to the street with their cameras on tow and socialise. It proved to be so popular that it is now becoming an event. More than 950 cities throughout the world are participating in it. It is estimated around 120000 people worlwide will be doing it on the 18th of July (yesterday), and that was just a conservative figure. A group of 80 of us turned up yesterday for the Kuala Lumpur chapter of the event.

Pic courtesy of Rames - click on the pic for linkI initially planned to park my car at HKL, visit my sister who had her operation yesterday, then walk the half-mile or so to the meeting point, Restoran Sri Shalimar in Chow Kit. Unfortunately I left home rather late, and had to run to the meeting point. Had a quick today, then off with the group.

Ala Sudirman - Chow Kit Road! Chow Kit Road!I can medically certify that there is no chance for this lot joining our photowalk!As I said, around 80 of us was there, and as we were all likeminded, we got along very well. I settled in with a director from ASTRO (no, he was not filming there or anything), Rames, an engineer from Chennai, currently working for MIMOS, Karthik, and ARUP, an engineer from Bangladesh now also working in Malaysia. After a quick photocall at the meeting point, we hit for the Chow Kit wet market.

The sellers there were used to people coming in to take their pictures and has no problem posing for us. However, Karthik made the mistake of trying to take picture of some counterfeit watch seller. He was not best pleased, and we made a quick exit. After half an hour or so, we met up at Plaza Safuan, on the other end of the wet market. More photocalls, more chit chat, more exchanging of kong-fus. We then loosely headed into Kampung Baru, where among other things I had a quick lunch.

Regina, our model at the traditional house in Kampung Baru with the Twin Towers on the backgroundAn empty lot in Kampung Baru. Filled with lalang. But I am sure it is worth millions.Nice pieces of clothing on display at a shop near the Kampung Baru MosqueThere is a particular traditional house take took out fancy and we politely asked the owner for permission to shoot there. One of the photographer actually brought a young lady with him as his model, and we managed to snap a few nice moody pics while there. We also witnessed a incident for good measure. A driver, driving particularly fast honked at some locals who were crossing the road. He then took exception wo what being said, and foolishly left his car. He got a couple of smack and his car kicked at! Stupid man I thought! Not on that he started it, he tried to pick a fight on other people's turf! I had to convince Karthik that this is not the normal goings-on here in Kampung Baru ..... or is it?

Happy faces in Kampung Baru - Terima kasih adikOur next stop, Asian Heritage Row. To get there, we crossed Jalan Sultan Ismail right after the UniKL building. Walk pass SME Bank Headquarters, then the Sheraton and turn left. I never knew that it even existed. I think calling it heritage row is somewhat a misnomer as it is essentially a row of restaurant and bars, and they don't even serve Asian food. I saw a Mediterranean bar and a Mexican restaurant! A few more quick snaps, then we need to head indoors. It was getting rather warm by then.

Karthik paying for my meal at the Tapper's Cafe .... I should've ordered a bigger onePic courtesy of Rames - click on pic for linkThe finishing point was already in sight. Again at a venue that was alien to me, much to my embarrassment, as even Karthik, who has only been to Malaysia for a month knew the place. It was the Caps Square. A nice mall, but still being developed. It was not very full even for a Saturday afternoon. We had some 'teh tarik' at Tapper's Cafe there. It was getting past 2pm and I have to leave as I have yet to visit my sister. Idlan's friend from music school also invited us for a party later in the afternoon. The group was also thinning out since some of them were heading for Bukit Kalil to watch the ManYoo vs Malaysia game there.

I took the monorail back to Chow Kit. Julia (my sister) was doing OK post-op. Her tummy was still tender. Her gallbladder was laden with stones and was close to being infected big time. It was a good call to operate.