Got my stickers sorted

The Tools of the Trade, originally uploaded by Haris Abdul Rahman.

UM was really stepping up their quest to limit traffic in campus. By tomorrow, those without car stickers will be turned away, or asked to park at the entrance and use the university bus around campus. That should ease the traffic and the parking issue somewhat I hope.

I received a rather stern email from the Chancellery the other day. Basically telling us that we will be slapped with monetary fine should our cars were found parked campus without stickies. We are talking RM100 here for first timer, and RM150 after that ....... Argh!!

My in-laws left for Kota Bharu earlier today for the weekend. Idlan is getting restless since we haven't been anywhere since his holiday started on Monday. Need to plan about something for the weekend. Anita actually bought a book about places to visit around KL!

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