Adventure Saturday - Part 1

Sg Kanching 2, originally uploaded by Haris Abdul Rahman.

Some of the natveWe have got to do something this weekend. Idlan has been in the house for the first week on his holidays. Action must be taken. As I tweeted, Anita was desperate enough to buy a guide book on places to visit around KL, but it was nothing more than just a collection of small adverts. There was no editorial reviews or real suggestions. We hit over the 'net then. Idlan wanted to go for an adventure. There was Hutan Lipur Ampang, or the previously suggested Hutan Lipur Singai Kanching.

Looking down from the 5th tier toward the fourth poolLooking up!Kanching it was then. We set off just before mid-day as Idlan and Irfan overslept. Gambak to Kanching is only 15 minutes away. We drove towards Batu Caves, drive up towards Rawang, and before we know it, we were already there. It is on the right side of the road, so we had to drive on and make a U-turn. You first have to drive past the Templer Park Golf Resort, and the Taman Rimba Komanwel will be on the left. Drive on until you reach the Petronas gas station on your left. Then there will be a sign for a U-trun just about 100 meters on. The U-turn is right in front of KFC. We bought some take-outs there, and picked some drinks from a shop nearby.

After the U-turn, you will drive past the Taman Rimba Komanwel, this time on your right and you reached your destination. We paid RM5 at the entrance for car parking. After the car park, we reached an open grassy area for picnic, but it was in the middle of the day and the sun was out. It was too bright and hot. We walked on into the forest and waterfall area further down the path. The area has 7 cascading waterfalls. It gets more adventurous further up, and all can be reached with a series of concrete stairs. The best place to picnic was the second and third tier. The others were too much of a climb for us. It was getting pretty crowded by then.

Stairs to the upper tiersWe quickly settled in into an area of stream by sets of boulders. The water was cool and fresh. The tall trees provided shades and with the breeze, we hardly noticed the sun. It was lovely. We then settled for lunch and hang around for a couple of hours. I took my camera to climb up the 5th level. I noticed that there were plenty of Middle Eastern visitors here. The probably found the place out through internet, and they do come in droves. Some of them just jumped into the stream in their head-scarfs. Bizarre! These lot really like water which is understandable.

There are plenty of monkeys around. I can see some family in tents, probably stayed overnight. Unfortunately, litter was still an issue, even though there were plenty of rubbish bins around. The toilets were clean. There were one at the entrance and another one on the third tier. Both of my boys enjoyed their outing. We plan to come back again one day, preferably later in the afternoon when it is cooler. We'll let the boys run around at the grassy area at the entrance while we cchill reading a book.